September 08, 2006

Anti-semitism in the Guardian

Dennis MacShane has completed a parlimentary report on the rise of anti-semitism in this country and has an article about it in the Guardian. This being Al Guardian the anti-semites surface quickly.

There are some claims that keep on recuring with respect to anti-semitism. One of them is using critism of Israel as an excuse for anti-semitism, then saying that they must be able to excuse anti-semitism this way as their critisms of Israel are anti-zionist, and anti-zionism is not anti-semitism. You can almost hear logic creaking under the strain of these contortions.

Even where it not for the pretzel logic of this excuse it still wouldn't work, since the normal critisisms of Israel are themselves lies.

Lies such as claiming somehow that Israel has an aparthied system. Arab citizens of Israel are a minority and they are full citizens like any other. Unlike under aparthied where the blacks where the majority and had significantly fewer rights than whites. This is not just the Jewish arabs that where expelled from other middle eastern countries, but all of them including the 70% that are not Jewish. There are arab members of the elected to the Knesset, and even an arab political party in the Knesset. Can you imagine a Jewish political party in any other Middle Eastern country? Most do not even offer them full citizenship and require that they accept Dhimmi status, a true aparthied system.

There is the claim that Isrealis are war criminals, when the war crimes in the conflict they are talking about where commited by Hezbollah. There is the claim that the Israelis do not respect human rights, when they do. Israel being the only country in the entire region that does. And of course the claim that Israelis are Nazis. Since they allow their minority groups to live freely with full rights, and have never called on another state to be wiped off the map and it's citizens killed or driven into the sea. Unlike the governments of some other countries in the middle east.

Not that the anti-semites care much for facts. In the world of the anti-semites black is white, slavery is freedom, and war is peace.


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